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High rates of interest

What undoubtedly puts a lot of people off getting a payday loan, is the amount of interest.

Collection methods

Many lenders use third parties to collect money that is due to them. Subsequently,

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In todays’ society, we often require access to immediate finance; whether this is to buy a pint of milk at the shop, or to keep the family fed for another week. What happens, however, when we are faced with an unplanned, expensive emergency that we hadn’t budgeted for?

What do we do if the car breaks down or an expensive school trip that cannot be missed presents itself? One solution, which has become prevalent in recent years, is the payday loan. Despite having a somewhat mixed reputation, payday loans are a popular choice amongst many people with a range of levels of income. Please check our ‘pros and cons of payday loans’ page, to see if they are the right option for you.

Payday loans could negatively affect your credit rating.

A range of factors should be taken into consideration when choosing the type of finance required to deal with an unexpected scenario.

PayDay is the right choice for you if:

you are 18 or older

The minimun age to use our service is 18.

you are a us Resident

Must be a current resident of the United Kingdom.

you have a Bank Account

You need an active UK bank account to allow the money to be transferred to you.

you are honest and trustworthy

You deffinitely have to be a nice person.

you have a valid Address

Must be a current resident of the United Kingdom.

you have a regular income

You must have an income every month whether it be benefits or a job.

Why people choose us

We offer a totally new way of borrowing

Instant cash

Cash is transferred almost instantly to your bank account preventing you from worrying further about how you might deal with your situation.


Typically, lenders are happy to offer £50 - £1500 without asking you too many questions. This could cover a range of emergencies, from finishing off your Christmas shopping


However, the high rates of interest mean that it is advisable to be 100% sure that you will be able to meet the re-payment requirements prior to applying.

The right decision,

at the right time.

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